The rooftop there would probably still have music playing, but being open air it would probably be a more reasonable volume to prevent noise complaints. I like the idea that there’s just some subwoofers pressed against the ceiling just beneath them and they’re getting muffled bass up their feet and butts. (Or try this one if you like)

What do you think the chances are of Maxima ever wearing gold lamé? It’s not zero, but it’s not very high either.

If the word “Human” sounded like the Galactic Common word for “poop smear” then we still have the option of going by Terran or Earther or even Earthican. Imagine a Star Wars like Galaxy with thousands of sapient species and thousands of different languages. Whatever your race called itself, you’d have to remember that there are like 350 different languages in which your race’s name is super rude, stupid sounding or insulting, and you have to remember an alternate version. That would extend to every individuals names too, of course. Luckily everyone in the Star Wars galaxy can understand Galactic Common, even if they can’t all speak it.

It bothers me in a lot of science fiction that most of alien races don’t have a species name, just something derived from the name of their homeworld. Vulcans are from Vulcan, Romulans are from Romulus, Ferengi are from Ferenginar. Klingons are from Kronos, so it would be legit to call them Kronans, (I would definitely watch a late night talk show hosted by Kronan O’Brien) BUT, it should be notes that prior to The Undiscovered Country, the Klingon homeworld was known as Klinzhai, and also Kling, so they only get half credit for that. (The writer for the movie probably had the same issue that I do and was just like “Nope, changing that.”) Star Wars is better about giving races names separate from their homeworld. Wookies are from Kashyyyk, but Mandalorians are still from Mandalore. It really depends on the ‘Verse though. The Star Control games* were pretty good about it. The Arilou Lalee’lay’s homeworld is Falayalaralfali, the Chenjesu were from Procyon, the Clairconctlar from Enkidu, the Druuge from Zeta Persei 1. It’s possible they were neighbors of the guys from Omicron Persei 8. (Known as Omicronians BTW.)

*Star Control II is one of my favorite games of all times BTW. That link is to a 100% legit free version of the game with an amazing soundtrack done by the community. Take heed this is a seriously old school game so if you decide to play it, it might not be the worst idea to use a walk-through or a FAQ of some kind since you can totally hose yourself many hours into the game and not realize it till many hours later.


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