It would be cool if the next Disney Princess was actually a Marchioness or an Arch Viscountess. Cool may not be the word I’m looking for. Still, it would be interesting to see her standing in that Princess linup, knowing that even though she’s very much a 1 percenter, she’s still basically a scullery maid compared to the rest of them.

If I was Sydney I would have some serious questions about how Dabbler’s glamour works. She might be wearing that dress for real, but she’s certainly not wearing those boots. She has hooves, she can’t wear any kind of shoe except something that stays on with nails, or maybe some sort of spats. (I googled this just to be sure and it turns out they do make little booties for horses, so maybe she could actually wear something over her toes. In any case her glamour still has to disguise their true nature.) So if she kicks glamour shoes on to the floor, how far away can she get from them before they fade from existence? Well, the answer is that it depends on how hard she’s trying to fool someone. In this case, Dabbler knows Sydney knows that her human appearance is a disguise, so she’s not cranking it up. After she kicks off the shoe, it falls to the floor and disappears as soon as someone isn’t looking at it, just like a body in a video game that’s trying to conserve memory.  If she was in an environment where someone might be suspicious of her identity, she can create a version of the glamour that makes independent phantasms for each article of clothing and accessory that she can kick off or leave on a nightstand, something that could last for days on its own. Obviously this takes much more energy, and she would just wear real clothes and accessories in place of making illusory version. The boots would still present a problem for her, but not all succubi had hooves. They’re a physically varied species, since they can integrate traits from the father, or more accurately, the non-succubus parent.

Dabbler, as a Jill of all trades, is not the top of her class in much of anything, (except for her math and science ability, but that’s innate, not a skill she had to learn) so her abilities as a succubus aren’t as keenly practiced as some others. We’ll have to see if Sydney’s truesight can penetrate an A+++ glamour. I guess that’s S-Class really. Anything over A+. Sydney might just be edging out Dabbler’s ability, or it may be the equivalent of dropping a tungsten rod from orbit onto a log to make firewood. Dabbler will eventually talk about the origin of Succubi and why their glamours are normally so tough to crack. Also Dabbler is eating a finger full of guacamole, not a spicy nacho. I meant to draw her with a blob of green stuff on her finger but the panels didn’t quite work out that way.

More importantly than any of that, Adam Warren has decided to post early volumes of Empowered online as a webcomic. Or a web serial as he calls it cause he’s old school. I think just volume 1 is up now but my understanding is that he’s continuing to post the other books, maybe a page at a time? Anyway, check it out, be aware that it’s about a superheroine who gets her completely skin tight costume ripped up which makes her lose her powers and get tied up constantly. I wouldn’t call it NSFW exactly, but that will probably depend on where you work. It is funny and sexy and plays with superhero tropes so for the most part I’d wager the Venn Diagram of people who like Grrl Power and Empowered has significant overlap.

This page colored by Keith.

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