Sydney is a boy-shorts gal, in case that was a burning question for anyone. With guys, it’s boxers, boxer briefs, briefs or tighty whities. Technically TW’s are briefs, but really they’re a separate category, cause they’re just the worst looking underwear possible for guys. They’re the male equivalent of granny panties. Yes, there are actually a few other options for guys, but they’re rare/exotic/usually worn by strippers, like one that’s a low cut thong but it only goes around one hip. It’s basically a headband with a pouch in the front. I don’t think it would stay on a woman. If you want to see one just google “half thong.”

For women, there is at least thong, bikini, string bikini, tanga, hipster, brief, boyshorts, French cut, high cut, and then there’s this thing. Possibly the least practical piece of underwear ever designed.  A C-String. Women’s underwear apparently partially follows rebel fighter craft naming conventions. There’s probably a lot more, but at some point it becomes difficult to tell if it’s legitimately a different style or just marketing. So yeah, I looked at all those and figured Sydney’s a boyshorts gal. It goes with her boy shirts and boy pants. They’re probably more comfortable than anything on the list (until you get used to wearing it, which Sydney never did) besides the briefs, but those are mom/granny undies. She would be really self conscious in “sexy” underwear, but she doesn’t want to sport the lady equivalent of tighty whities either.

After drawing this page I realized that Sydney is like a low grade Evel Knievel, in so much that she’s probably suffered a lot of self inflicted bone breaks and other miscellaneous injuries over her lifetime. Somehow she’s not covered in scar tissue – really that’s something I should have thought about and put at least a few visible ones on her hands and legs. I guess she’s pretty good at not scratching at her scabs.


Ok, last time I’ll remind you guys about the Amazon link. It’s 9 days until Xmas, and the weird stuff your family asked for may not all be on Amazon prime with the crazy fast shipping, so get cracking. I know I need to.

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