This is kind of a weird page but I couldn’t think of a better way to transition to the next one. Ok I probably could have, but when there are no boys around girls talk about girl issues with each other. And as Harem points out, also sometimes when there are boys around. But I wanted some girl talk and I thought the idea for the movie was funny.

No one really makes coming of age movies anymore that are just excuses to see a lot of skin. <old man voice>Back in my day</old man voice> you’d watch Revenge of the Nerds or Porky’s, yeah they were funny, but really it was also because there were boobs in it or a shower scene. Nowadays anyone can just call up infinite nudity on their computer. No sneaking a look at your friend’s dad’s Playboy or anything. It’s so rampant that Playboy is 86ing the nudity and basically becoming another Maxim so they can sell on more shelves.

Off the top of my head I’m having trouble picturing the scenario where the team does get called in to handle a super powered prankster. They’d have to be breaking some laws pretty hard to draw the team’s attention, but I tell you, a lot of super powers could facilitate some incredible pranks. Obviously there’s telekinesis and invisibility (both have movies about seeing boobs made about them) but what about a power like Color Control. Sounds pretty lame, but really it means you could recolor any surface – repaint any sign, put dirty words or schlongs on billboards, black out any screen or window or camera, maybe even blind people if you could turn their corneas opaque. Even make those pants that girls wear that say “Juicy” across the butt say “Explosively Incontinent” instead. That would be a hell of a pranking power, but would the team get called in if someone was defacing billboards with it? Hard to say. Neither Arianna or Max would want to stoop so low, but if he made Air Force one look like a big pink dildo they’d probably have to do something.

I spent a fair amount of time looking for songs with the word gold in the title for Sydney to use as a “revenge ringtone” for the earlier incident, but most of them were sucky soft rock or country and none of them felt right. I’m sure there’s a good one Sydney could use but she hasn’t thought of it yet.

Holy crap, Xmas is this week you guys. It really snuck up on me this year. I’ll post a regular comic on Thursday, so you guys can come check out the comic on your new iPads or whatever you get for Xmas.

Edit: Whoops, I posted the full res png file by mistake. That’s what I get for doing it 2 am all the time. I’m surprised stuff like that doesn’t happen more often. The web sized .jpg is up now.

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