Hope everyone got some good drops this Xmas, and hopefully everyone can follow this page ok. I’m not great at time transitions, and you can’t do the crossfade in a comic like you can on TV, but it’s supposed to be like an hour of Sydney and Leon chatting from panels 2 to 4.

After I drew this page it occurred to me that if Leon’s going to drag his gear out to the lounge in order to support his terrible posture, why wouldn’t he just use the big screen? I considered changing the setup, but then Sydney’s dialog wouldn’t make sense as written, so instead I threw something else up there. Multitasking is where its at.

Hearing people talk about DOTA2, LoL or any other sort of MOBA is like when people start getting really analytical about football. It is its own world with its own vocabulary. Really, most things are like that though. People can get some down and dirty talk about Photoshop techniques, programming, 3D modeling, wood turning or whatever and really leave those not in that particular clique in the dust. MOBA games are famously new player unfriendly though, partially because the games don’t hold your hand at all, partially because the communities can be as bad or worse than Xbox live, and partially because the moment you start playing, people assume you know all the vocab and acronyms. It baffles me as to how they are so immensely popular, honestly. They’re fun games but there’s a massive hump to get over at the beginning. Anyway, don’t worry if you have no idea what Sydney and Leon are going on about in panel 2. I promise it’s legit.

I had to rewatch Star Trek into Darkness to make sure I had Leon and Sydney’s banter correct for this page, so now I can say I have suffered for my art. That movie was… fine on the first viewing, but man, the refrigerator logic was strong with this one. It was one of those movies that you walk out of the movie talking about with your friends, and instead of talking about how cool or clever it was, everything someone says punches another hole in the writing and by the time you get to your car you realize it was hot, lens flarey garbage.

Pink fairy armadillos are real, and surprisingly cute.

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