I figure it’s probably about 11 pm right now, depending on how precise Maxima is being and whether she means Sydney’s wakeup call is in 7 hours or (more likely) if that’s boots on the ground exercising. I’m not a morning exerciser. I keep trying to do it, and I don’t think I get enough sleep for it. Eventually about 11 am I will be sufficiently awake to attempt it, but 10 years ago, I regularly went to the gym at 11 pm. I don’t think I would have survived a stint in the military for numerous reasons. We’ll have to see how Sydney adapts.

I assume code levels don’t work unless everyone knows all of them, otherwise if you saw one you didn’t recognize you’d assume it was fake or a misprint or something. But who knows, maybe there are code levels so high even the existence of those code levels is classified. (Existence of aliens, Smurfs, and the lizard caucus, etc.) Presumably a folder containing something with classified code levels doesn’t get left on someone’s desk unsupervised all that often.

Maxima’s existence was classified to some extent after she joined the military. In a world that already knew about Supers, she was kind of a poorly kept secret, but being classified made accessing certain information about her more difficult, like her exact abilities or her whereabouts at any given moment. Now as the head of Arc-SWAT, she has pretty high clearance. There are still certain things she’s not privy to, but if it involves Atypical Resources, she knows nearly everything. And some of the things she doesn’t know, she can guess at, like if the government has a plan to take her out if she goes berserk. She’s had the “how would I fight me” thought many many times before already.

Happy almost Xmas for those of you who partake. For those who don’t… uh, buy yourself something nice anyway! It’s not like Santa Clause Xmas has anything to with Jesus Xmas. They’re just identically named holidays that take place on the same day.

Edit: One of the dangers of working at 600 dpi is overestimating the detail that comes through on the web sized version, so here is a better shot of the picture on Maxima’s shirt: brutalSome of you will recognize this right away hopefully. Special thanks to @BadPhysics for helping me extract the red from the background. I don’t have a copy of Photoshop, which I imagine could have handled it, but it turns out GIMP has a Color to Alpha function that worked quite well.

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