Alternative page title: Who will rid us of these turmulent living conditions?

I like the word turmulent. Sure you could say turbulent, but turmulent is perfectly cromulent.

It occurs to me only after posting this page that the main gag on it requires knowledge of this strip from 3 years ago, so for newer readers, there you go.

Deus may well be playing fast and lose with those statistics, it’s not like anyone was really doing a lot of census work before he took charge. Besides, what’s the expression, Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics? A woman gets pregnant and has a girl. 50% chance of that. She gets pregnant a second time. Does she have a 50% chance to have a girl, or a 25% chance to have another girl, or a 50% chance to not have a girl, or a 75% chance to not have another girl?


(Ignoring the possibility of twins, miscarriages, intersex and Kwisatz Haderachs* obviously.)

Of course it’s entirely possible he’s only massaging those numbers a little. You take a war torn strip of land like that, and one day all the warlords wake up next to their own heads, and any group that attempts to interfere with roads, power plants and hospitals being built gets taken apart by invisible assassins, and yeah, life expectancy is going to trend upwards.

I’ve updated the vote incentive, but it’s only partially colored unfortunately. I’m trying a new coloring style with it. The end result is only slightly different and it’s not really faster, but trying new things is the best way to learn. I’ll try and have it finished in time to swap it out for the Valentines Day one.

This page colored by Keith.

*Who had to be male since females couldn’t venture into a specific region of prescient knowledge after drinking the water of life.** A weird bit of cosmic sexism in that particular story.

** Yes, technically Paul was probably a proto-Kwizatz, and Leto II was the real one.

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