Poor Sydney. I mean, rich, famous, superhero Sydney, but you know. The first person she saves from a burning building and she’ll be all “Yeah you better be grateful! You have no idea what I’ve been through just you save your ass. Make it count!”

Sandy and actually anyone else not in Arc-SWAT isn’t required to to morning PT, but a lot of them do at least some of it since the rest of the team is up and at it anyway. So long as it doesn’t bother you that pretty much everyone on the team will run you into the ground every day. Arc-LIGHT special agents have a slightly less vigorous morning PT, but some of them do the whole Arc-SWAT routine just to get that bro-nod when they pass each other in the hall. As you can see, Maxima doesn’t enforce a strict dress code here either.

If you were a supervillain, I don’t know if it would be a good time to attack the team when they’re all out in the open like that or literally the worst. I suppose it depends on your powers and that of your henches. There are still people in the HQ building monitoring things, too. (It’s about 200 feet behind where the camera is set up on this page, it’s not the silver one in the background.) It’s not like the place is cleared out. Dabbler doesn’t have to do PT, especially if she’s topped off from the night before. Jogging does nothing for Maxima either, even with the parked jeep option. Really it doesn’t do any good for Anvil, Stalwart, Hiro or Achilles, but most of them go do it anyway just for the camaraderie. There is a “super gym” on the lowest level they use that we’ll see eventually.

One more shout out for the Valentines Day Sex Drive post, all of them are NSFW obviously, so glance suspiciously over your shoulder a lot if you’re checking them out at work.

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