It was a valiant attempt, Sydney. For what it’s worth, when I’m at the gym, I sometimes lose count of my reps. Over my workout lifetime, I’ve probably done about 20% more than I think I have. That doesn’t really count as a montage but it’s a nice bonus I guess? Unless you’re trying to stick to a strict 5×5 type routine or something, which I never did. I was a 3×8 guy. (If you don’t know what that means, make friends with your local gym rat, buy them a protein shake, s/he’ll talk your ear off.)

You’re the Best Around is probably the most montagy song (popularized as such by the Karate Kid I believe) except for Southpark’s Montage song, which is obviously just a spoof of the whole trope.

Originally I made Sydney a heat seeker because when she became a vegetarian, she was looking for a way to make up some of the lost flavor. Her name being Scoville had nothing to do with it. That happened because I have the same alliterative naming disease that Stan Lee does. Once Sydney started getting used to spicy foods, all moderation went out the window and she found she had a talent for ramping up the heat levels. Of course that pain tolerance comes with the requisite endorphin rush. It’s the same thing as a runner’s high, or a lifter’s… I don’t know what to call it. A lifter’s high I guess. It’s not something you’re really consciously aware of, like if you popped some pills and you get a distinct high, you just feel good, mostly cause you’ve accomplished something, whether it’s knocking out a heavy shoulder routine or even just eating some crazy hot salsa.

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