Batman is a powerful motivator, but like any aphorism or drug, the subject will develop a tolerance for it. Without the extra motivation though, I’m not sure Sydney could actually climb that rope, even doing the foot thing. It’s hard to say as I’ve never been a skinny but unfit 22 year old nerd girl before.

Someone has plenty to talk about at Nerd Confession. Now say 20 Hail Wonder Womans and 10 Our All-Fathers. Or should that be 20 Hail Jordans. Cause… Green Lantern is Hal… Jordan? >cough<

Hmm. Nerd Confessions. I’ve never seen Battlestar Galactica. At least not the new series. I saw the old one when it was in syndication, so when I saw the pilot for the new series, I was put off by the infiltrator cylons. A sci-fi trope that I think is played out. I mean, I get it. Aliens (or cyborgs or whatever) that look human to infiltrate us is pretty easy on the effects budget. I’ve also only seen bits and pieces of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’m familiar with most of the characters and I’ve seen a few episodes here and there, but I’ve never sat down and binged it. I’m probably short on a few critical novels as well, like… well, lots of them actually, but stuff like Hyperion by Dan Simmons and Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson spring to mind.

What are the alarming gaps in your nerd vitae literacy? We’ve all got them. Stuff you know you should read/watch but have never gotten around to? Confess and be absolved! No self-flagellation necessary, unless you’re into that. I’m not here to judge.

Holy crap, I’ve drawn 400 of these things! Yes, I know it’s still day 3. I would promise the days will get shorter, page wise, as we get more of the early setup out of the way, but… clearly I’m a bad judge of these things. It’s my intent to eventually get to slightly more traditional story arcs where several days or even weeks can pass between them, but there’s still too much good stuff to mine from Sydney going through basic. I may decide to start saving some of that stuff up for flashbacks though. And before you point out that the whole comic is a flashback, I would suggest that maybe the first few pages were a flash-forward.

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