Sydney, don’t be bummed cause you’re not the best at everything. That’s like a rich person complaining cause the yacht daddy got them didn’t have the swimming pool on the third deck.

Those concrete bridge beams seem to weigh between 20 and 60 (English) tons depending on their overall size, at least according to some googling I did. Seems about right. I always knew Sydney would fail to lift six of them, but I didn’t realize she wouldn’t be able to lift one. So after doing some research while writing this page I totally changed the outcome… and what happens on the page after actually, but I’m flexible like that. Speaking of research, the engineering of the overpass pieces may not be quite accurate. I didn’t research that part. I just assume there’s lots of concrete and rebar involved.

By the way in the second to last panel there, Max is flying down to counter Sydney’s attempt to lift.

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