It bothers me in science fiction when someone analyzes an object and says “It contains no known elements.” It sounds exotic, but that’s just not how chemistry works. The periodic table is pretty much set. There are probably a few elements left to discover at the extremes, but all the ones we’ve recently found in particle colliders with atomic masses nearing the 300’s are hilariously radioactive and only exist for nanoseconds. No one is making a spear tip or a phaser or body armor out of them. I’m not saying we’re done with chemistry, just that the elements are pretty nearly sorted at this point.

You could learn a lot about something by studying the egg it came out of, but if you’d never seen a bird before, could you tell what color feathers it had, or even what a feather was? Maybe if there was some sort of DNA left in the egg, but it’d be a lot of work.

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