Ok, this is a bit of a weird page, admittedly, but there’s a reason for it. Just planting deep seeds. :) As the undersecretary of ADHD folk myself, I wouldn’t blame anyone for skimming panel 1 a bit. Here’s a link to Sagan reading it out himself. If you’re the sort of person who is affected by powerful narration, prime your hanky. Personally I need to rehydrate after watching that clip. The TLDR version is “Earth is tiny and insignificant, people suck and we should do better.” Obviously Sagan’s version has slightly more gravitas. So much it can prevent light from escaping.

For those of you unfamiliar with what that picture is, it was taken from VGER Voyager 1 when it was 6.4 billion KM from Earth. Personally I think if all the halls of power in the world had a poster like this hanging somewhere prominent, people might be motivated to work together better, but perhaps that’s putting too much faith in humanity.

Deus genuinely did hang that poster at one point, as he says, to keep things in perspective, but sometimes the things meant to center us can have a divergent effect.

Sydney, as I’ve said before, is a bad liar. Not in the sense that she can’t keep a secret. She’s actually quite good at that. Usually. She has sometimes been known to get a case of blurtmouth, but not on anything critically important. Of course the best way to keep a secret is to never let on you know one. This is not Sydney’s area of expertise.

This page colored by Keith.

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