Leon’s so good in fact that Peggy would accuse him of cheating if it didn’t make her seem bitter. That’s just what you get from playing games of that nature as much as he has. High level players memorize things like how long it takes people to get from their spawn point to certain other points on the map, even how long it takes someone to move from almost any point on the map to anywhere else. The firing characteristics of all the guns, what you can shoot through and how much that reduces the damage, etc.

Peggy’s not looking to make Sydney a diva at this game specifically, just get her to start thinking about basic tactics. Almost any game could work too – there are few games that involve no strategy at all, but she’s trying to avoid abstract lessons right now. She’s using Counter-Strike to teach basic lessons about positioning and cover. Plus a few rounds of this helps break up the regular training routines.

I’m trying something slightly different with the coloring on this page. The video game portions don’t have any inks, and I’m trying to use a little more contrast, or at least some darker colors for more realistic shadows. It’s still experimental, but hopefully I’ll learn from it and it will either help my speed or quality (ideally both but I’m not holding my breath for that. Without the ink lines, some of the edges are a bit muddy, so there’s still plenty to learn.

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