It will be a long road for Sydney, since she’s used to playing games with little to no death penalty. At least with games like this the worst that happens in that you have to sit out the rest of the round. If this was a game that involved high level raiding, she would probably be a lot more careful. Once Peggy starts making her do 10 pushups every time she dies, Sydney will quickly start valuing self preservation in the game more. Of course there’s a good chance her hands will start getting shaky from all the exercise, but… well, Sydney could use the exercise.

Yes, I know it’s page 420 and no pot references. I do wonder what Sydney would be like if she was high. Probably pretty calm actually… though considering most ADD meds are stimulants, I don’t know, maybe she’d be sedate but borderline self destructively distractable? Like she decides she’s hungry and it takes her 30 minutes to make it to the kitchen, then turns the oven on then it takes her another 20 minutes to decide what to eat and she microwaves something and leaves the oven on. I have no idea really. I don’t partake myself. Well, I did once, but I was the asshole going “How long before something happens? How do I tell when it kicks in? What am I supposed to be feeling?” So as far as I could tell I didn’t get even a tiny bit high, and if I did, I don’t see what the big deal is cause I didn’t notice anything.

Over at Patreon, BrainBlow asked “So how do superpowers factor into video games here?”

Well, pretty much like you’d expect. People with speed powers would have an advantage, stuff like danger sense would be a bit more iffy, depending on iffy it’d work for non life threatening situations. Other physical powers wouldn’t be so useful either, and could actually be quite detrimental to the equipment they’re playing on. You could definitely build a much tougher than average laptop for guys like Maxima, Stalwart, Ren when he starts getting jazzed up, etc, but there’s a practical limit to how much you could reinforce the thing. Really the better solution would be to just plug in a really cheap keyboard and let them pound on that instead.

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