The doc is a bit of an anti-Maxima when it comes to tolerating quirky supers. In her career she’s met more than her share.

In a week that doesn’t involve a super battle royale, she’s only at the base once a week, since her powers put her in such high demand. She works in trauma wards around the city, but after the fight she was needed to get the team back to ship shape. (As well help with some of the more significant injuries to the red team.) Archon has priority on her time, but Max would probably defer it if a school bus flipped over or something. There’s also a small staff of non-powered doctors who fill in at Arc-SWAT the rest of the time, but Doc Chevy prefers to do the initial physical herself when the rare opportunity presents itself.

“Uie Maa,” I’m told from some Google searches and twitter Q&A means something like “Dear mother.” I wanted her to say something along the lines of “Good lord that was loud.” but make it sound like someone who also spoke Hindi might say. In case that doesn’t read right to someone who actually is bilingual, if you have a more organic suggestion I may change it.

Sydney’s reaction to Harem’s arrival seems to be a conditioned response at this point. The exploding cuff merely startled her.

On a completely unrelated note, Overwatch is really good. It’s basically Team Fortress 3, minus the hat economy, and the character designs are bonkers good. I mention it cause I may do some fan art since one of the characters in the game looks rather a lot like one of mine. Coincidentally I’m sure. I’d be surprised if anyone at Blizzard even knew of my little comic here, but I thought it’d be cool to draw them together.

In the meantime, here’s a (vote incentive) painting I did of Max in that new style I’m experimenting with, being skeptical/displeased with something it seems. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s alternately pretty good and a little wonky. I’d like it more if it took less time to draw, but I was playing with brushes at the same time and learning as I went so hopefully the next one will look better and take less time.

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