I’ve talked about Harem’s powers in my post under some of the comics and in the comments, but only a few times actually in the comic. Plus I just liked this scene with Harem having to, as she suggests, knowingly do something that would hurt as much as breaking her own hand. Something Sydney almost gets to experience anyway since when there’s only 4 Harems, they’re each twice as strong as a fit but otherwise normal 5′ 8″ girl. Or 1.72 meters if you live in a part of the world that doesn’t use a completely arbitrary measurement system. (I was going to bag on how old the Imperial system is as well, but turns out metric has been around for nearly as long.) It’s embarrassing to me that Americans are too belligerent to change over, even though 1.72 meters is an almost meaningless value to me. I mean, I’m 6 feet tall, and 2 meters is like 6′ 6″ so I can kind of work from backwards from there, but geeze, just put kilometers on all the roadsigns in a different color for a generation, then in another generation remove the mile numbers. Have all the characters all the pop culture make fun of the old fogies that say how much they weight in pounds and how tall they are in feet. Oh and guys can start bragging about how many cm their cranks are. Weight? You’re 140? How would you like to weigh 63 overnight? Done. Easy.

Sorry, that was a hell of a tangent.

In the second to last panel Sydney’s really trying to say “I’m distracting you from your pain with different pain.” I considered changing it, but between extra strong Harem smushing her hand and all the flailing, I thought it was ok that she wasn’t belting out Sorkin-esque perfect dialog. People sometimes flub their lines in real life.

Edit: So I thought I’d explain what’s going on in this page as some people are a little confused. Strawberry blonde Harem’s wrist got broken during the big battle, so she immediately de-teleported that one which puts her in a timeless storage of sorts. Effectively she ceases to exist until that copy of her is recalled. In other words, she doesn’t feel the pain of the broken wrist. When she finally ports back in, she feels the freshly broken wrist which is why she wanted to do it right in front of the doc, who can start healing it right away, thus minimizing the amount of time she’s in pain.

Edit 2: Ok I did some art edits tonight to make some things clearer. Panel 6 is zoomed out a little so it’s clear Harem is grabbing Sydney’s hand, and panel 8 is zoomed way out to show Sydney flopping on the table. Apparently people thought she was doing a poorly executed flying arm bar on Harem which come to think of it is actually funnier, but was definitely confusing people. Hopefully that clears it up for everyone anyway. Here’s the old version if you’re curious.

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