I always imagined Pixel being anime-ish (though I realize she maybe looks like a 10 year old a little bit the way I wound up drawing her on this page) Still, it was a while before I thought about how Sydney might react to that. Not that Sydney literally looks like a cartoon, I mean, if this was a live action movie. I try and use slightly different art styles to make each character more recognizable, or at least that was the intent when I started the comic. Really it’s come down to most everyone getting drawn in a standard western comic style and then Sydney is considerably more manga influenced. Really Harem is supposed to look a bit more Disney Princess, Dabbler is supposed to be… evil manga chick, like the kind that smacks you with a riding crop and does the “Oooh ho ho ho!” laugh. Anyway, the point is that it did not escape Sydney’s notice that her and Pixel share more than a few attributes.

Specs is a cameo character courtesy of BrainBlow, (comments handle.) We haven’t seen the last of her or even all her abilities, but it made sense given her spectravision that they’d want her to take a gander at Sydney’s orbs.

Yes, Pixel and Specs should both have Who’s Who entries, but it’s the weekend after A-kon and I’m wiped out so I’ll get those added later today. Speaking of which, A-kon was fun. Fred Perry of Gold Digger didn’t make it this year and there was a disappointing webcomics showing because of some staff turnover behind the scenes, but overall it was enjoyable. I grabbed dinner with a few fans and we let our nerd flags fly a bit. I actually missed the con on Saturday though cause I was working on the comic. I really need to figure out a way t draw faster. :P

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