You know, except for all the stupid Swiss Army doodads, Sydney’s fantasy multi-axe might almost be a workable tool. (Ok, minus the laser sight as well) And since she can fly, why would she need an ice climbing axe? Because she’s been playing Tomb Raider, that’s why.

After Sydney gets over her initial enthusiasm, Anvil may need to point out that Arc-SWAT isn’t the investigatory branch of Archon, so stuff like a lock pick gun might not be the most practical gadget if she’s really tight on space.

Still, I’ve never understood why superheroes don’t all have utility belts of some sort. Sure, batarangs don’t do you any good if you can’t throw then with 90 plus percent accuracy, but everyone from Wonder Woman to Spider-Man would benefit from a fingerprinting kit and some zip-cuffs. The super soldier formula and process used on Captain America is functionally impossible to replicate for story reasons, but not his shield. Tell me Black Widow wouldn’t benefit from vibranium bracers at least, and think about how much more Spidey’s punches would hurt if he had some brass knuckles, vibranium or not.

(Actually, since when is his shield vibranium? They keep calling it vibranium in the movies, but I thought it was adamantium, or at least an adamantium/vibranium alloy. It probably is, they just don’t want to keep saying “adamantium/vibranium alloy.”) Edit: Ok, as about 20 people have commented, they apparently can’t use the word adamantium in the Cap and Avengers series cause Fox licenced out the X-men and all their particular baggage which includes the word adamantium and maybe even the word mutant, which seems like a really dick thing for Fox to do – I mean beyond the dumb Fantastic Four reboot. 

I’ve updated the vote incentive with that picture of Peggy and Zayra. It’s pencils only at the moment because… well, because of Overwatch if I’m honest. Anyway, check it out, and I’ll hopefully have it further along in the next week or two.

So, A-kon is this weekend, and I will be around. I’d say I’ll be at most of the webcomic panels, but looking at the schedule, I hardly see any. I’m not sure what’s going on with that. Fan Expo Dallas is the same weekend, I don’t know if non-anime indie people are moving over there or what – though I did see that Joe Madureira will be giving a talk at Fan Expo. It’s probably not worth a one day ticket to see just one panel there, I mean, it’s not like hearing him talk will make me a better artist or anything, but for the first time I’m considering bouncing between the two cons. Actually their guest list is pretty amazing. We’ll see.

As for A-kon, if anyone is there and wants to meet up, there’s a restaurant in the hotel called the Media Grill and Bar. I’ll be there at 7pm on Friday wearing, uh… I don’t really have any Grrl Power shirts or anything. I’ll have one of those short brimmed green caps that Max wears. It doesn’t have an eagle on it, it’s just the kind you can get at Target. I have glasses and a goatee (technically a Van Dyke – something I learned from the City of Heroes character creator) Anyway there’s a tiny picture of me over at the Patreon.

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