I should mention the icons on the map aren’t to scale, otherwise it would look like Sydney blew up an area the size of a small mall. There’s just a minimum size they appear as when you zoom the map out.

Arc-LIGHT is probably pretty busy with stuff like this. Investigating super powered crimes could potentially be enormously difficult. Some of them wouldn’t, obviously – vault doors torn off their hinges with deep fingerprints gouged into them for example. A vault door melted into a puddle would be harder to track back to the culprit, but still pretty easy to identify as being super powered in the first place. But a smart super criminal who could phase or teleport could be a thief or assassin who was tremendously difficult to identify or stop. Especially if they took the time to leave fake evidence behind. If they did it right, they could make it look like no super powers were involved at all. Phase through a door, unlock it from the other side, and make everyone think they had a key or it was an inside job. Or kick in a door or break a window on your way out. Arc-LIGHT keeps tabs on unsolved cases around the country, looking for patterns. Locked room mysteries, things stolen despite extraordinary layers of security, etc.

The Atypical Resource Commission has existed for a long time in one form or another as previously established in the comic. Individuals or small teams, then unofficially, then officially as a collection of different departments. Before the announcement of Archon as a unified and public agency, they were pretty much still doing what they’re doing now.

With the announcement of Archon, two things will happen. One, all the stupid super criminals will get caught and quickly rounded up. Obviously, some of them were taken down along the way before the announcement, but some of the ones that weren’t considered imminent threats to life were put on a waiting list of sorts, so the team could create a positive PR boon that will have Arianna dancing around in her office. Another thing her and Maxima were at odds about. Two, all the smart ones will expend that much more effort on not getting caught. Of course, the team knew this before the announcement, but they also knew the smart ones knew or at least suspected there was already an agency on the lookout for them, so nothing really changed there.

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