Yes, Sydney has a rebreather now, but it was designed with one person in mind, not four. As Gwen pitches, there may be significant development in this area if the team decides they need it.

The problem with being cagey about what city they’re based in is that whenever I list a city they have to travel to get to, it’s easy to cross if off the list of potential home bases. New York would probably make for a poor location anyway, as would anything on either coast if the team has to serve the whole country. Ideally, there would be at least two active branches, one for each coast, and eventually that’s the plan. Really you’d want one near all the major population clusters, but the scarcity of supers makes that impractical at the moment.

I had trouble deciding what clothes to put Sydney in since she’ll be wearing this gear for a good number of pages in this arc. Part of me wanted her wearing some other superhero shirt as that comprises a fair bit of her wardrobe, but Arianna will get on her case about that now that she has her own personal brand to build. I decided to return her to the white and yellow scheme she was in for the first ~300 pages. Instead of a Wonder Woman-ish pattern though, she’s debuting her official logo. It’s hard to see here but you’ll get a better look at it in upcoming pages obviously. Each team member has one, but Maxima is definitely not down with Arc-SWAT wearing “costumes” so they’re hard to spot in the wild. Really the logo is mostly for marketing purposes, but it only works as branding if they’re occasionally worn by the team members. Sydney’s ideal for this as she clearly has no issue wearing a superhero logo shirt, and especially if it’s her own logo.

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