As a thoroughly suburban individual, the idea of nice restaurants with apartments above them is foreign to me. It’s common in New York certainly, probably in most urban areas really. I just mention it cause when I googled “restaurant row” for some architectural ideas I was surprised to see a bunch of pictures of 2-5 story apartment buildings instead of what I thought I’d get which was a street with a bunch of stand alone restaurants on it.

I haven’t done much with the team interacting with fans yet, partially because drawing crowd scenes is a pain in the butt, even if they’re mostly implied. But still being famous is part of what superheroes would have to deal with, especially in the Grrl-verse, though really, the Avengers would probably have to deal with that stuff too. They might not get booked on Conan as part of their regular schedule like Arc-SWAT will be, but getting mobbed by idiots wanting to take selfies with them, even if they were in the middle of a fight would be a thing they’d have to deal with.

Sydney should be cold. Everyone else is wearing jackets. That’s just something that happened as I was drawing the page which is why it’s not mentioned in the dialog at all. Not that I don’t do rewrites as I draw the pages, but there wasn’t really any room to mention it. Not that NY never gets warm, but it’s definitely colder than where she came from. Yes Dabbler is wearing a lot less than Sydney, but imagine for a moment that succubi have a fairly high tolerance to the cold, expressly for the purpose of being able to show a lot of skin even when it’s snowing. Not “immune to ice lasers (iaser? iasei?)” tolerant, just relatively comfortable even when skinny dipping in icy water.

Edit: I forgot the lace pattern on Gwen’s dress and also her back tattoo, which I think we last saw on page 88.

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