Ok, now before anyone rushes to post that drugs take longer than that to take effect, or that Muppet Vision isn’t a side effect of Adderall, one, a-doy, two, this is Sydney we’re talking about and three, you know, the weakness on the webcomic format is that you have to wait for the next page, at least if you’re reading along in real time. Of course, the strength of the webcomic format is that you guys can comment, speculate, and share your favorite slow cook recipes in the meantime, so have at it!

The difference between a fanny pack and a proper “utility belt” is that the utility belt should be properly packed so it doesn’t rattle in case stealth is needed. Even her little pill carrier isn’t just a hollow tin clamshell, it’s got a foam bed in it with slits to hold the pills securely so she doesn’t sound like she’s running around with a box of tic-tacs in her pocket. Of course that means she can only fit a dozen in there instead of like 30, so she’s got probably 2 extra Adderalls, some ibuprofen, a couple allergy pills, some proper painkillers, and other assorted over the counter drugs. Her first aid kit though, has a collection of antidotes to various poisons, which Sydney is absolutely not allowed to get in to yet cause she has no training with that stuff, and if your face is sliding off your skull cause someone slipped weaponized leprosy into your waffles, reading the little booklet that comes with the antidotes may not be an option.

By the way, this belt isn’t her full loadout, it’s literally just a belt with some pouches that Sydney’s stuffed with goodies she’s imagined needing. You’ll notice for instance it doesn’t include her sidearm (which she wouldn’t be carrying anyway until she’s certified) Her full combat loadout includes a tactical vest with a crossdraw holster, ammo pouches, etc. I imagine it will be suspiciously similar to this design.

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