I decided early on that illusions isn’t a school of magic that Dabbler put much study into, because with all her other abilities it would make her just a little too powerful. Also it would let me pull all kind of gags like… well, like this one that are kind of red herrings, and I didn’t want to rely on that too much. Even Gwen is barely above cantrip level. She needed a vaguely color coordinated fetish built out of napkins, (luckily that restaurant happens to have yellow and black napkins) a hard boiled egg, and a radish to pull it off. And that’s for the same reason. Maybe one day the team will fight against an illusionist, but it’s doubtful one will ever join the team.

Happy 4th to everyone, or I guess I should say happy Independence Day to Americans, and happy regular 4th for everyone else. I’m sorry I haven’t updated the vote incentive yet, only one of the pages I’m working on this week turned into a double page and I’m still not finished with it, so that’s how I’ll be spending my holiday. I mean I’d be drawing anyway, I’m just slightly behind. I’ll probably play some Overwatch too, to be honest.

Actually I got both Undertale and The Witcher III during the Steam sale, both immensely well reviewed games that have been languishing on my wish list for a long time – mostly due to a lack of time to play them. I figured I could grab ’em cheap and keep them in my library until I found a spare hour here or there. Haven’t tried Undertale yet, but I’ve put maybe an hour into the Witcher. I’m not sold on it yet, which is weird cause it’s basically 3rd person Skyrim. (Yes, you can play Skyrim in 3rd person if you’re a weirdo.) I know I need to give it a little time, I haven’t even leveled up yet, but little things like how Geralt moves bugs me. He walks by default indoors and runs by default outdoors. I guess it’s a decent way to handle it, given the size of the game area vs. the fidelity of the indoor areas, but IMO he walks too slow and runs too fast, at least when I’m trying to move into position to interact with stuff. Maybe there’s a option in the menu that will smooth that out for me. I’m also not thrilled there are plants I can harvest every 15 feet in every direction because I have a compulsion to collect them all even though I detest alchemy and crafting in games. If a shopkeep doesn’t sell it or it doesn’t fall out of a monster when I kill them, I don’t have time for it. Beyond that I haven’t really played enough of the game to render an opinion, so I’ll give it a few more hours before I make up my mind.

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