Just a quick meal and on to the meeting that Max mentioned. Well, muppet Max. I guess it was Gwen who actually said it. Obviously a secret meeting, which is harder to do once you’re world famous, so steps have to be taken.

Shakira floating down the street spraying everyone with that neon goo in glo-sticks would be less conspicuous than the pair of them. Well, no, that’s about on par I guess. Sydney’s light trails make covert flight slightly challenging. I’m not sure how long they are… Actually it depends on how fast she’s flying. The trails linger about 3 seconds, which only makes sense if the orbs glow a lot brighter when she’s flying, cause otherwise they’d leave trails all over the place when she’s just walking around, or heck, even just orbiting her head. I never really thought about how long they take to orbit her head when they’re in standby mode. I usually advance them one position per panel, so ignoring the fact that their speed would be variable depending on how many panels on each page, they’re supposed to have a fairly lazy orbital period. I dunno, 15-20 seconds.

Those guys were supposed to be playing chess but I forgot to draw the pieces so I guess it’s checkers now.

Edit: Updated “where as” to “whereas” because that’s just how it goes and my spell checker doesn’t do grammar.

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