“Adult stuff” is about the fastest way to make Sydney go cross-eyed with boredom. We can assume one of the Archon people is tasked with keeping an eye on Sydney, cause letting her mingle unchaperoned in this environment seems like courting disaster.

Dire wolves are disappointingly small. Don’t get me wrong, they’re marginally bigger than your average modern wolf, (actually the size of the largest extant wolves according to Wikipedia) but you say dire wolf and most people think of something 5 or 6 feet tall at the shoulder, but they’re not the size of ponies like you see in… whatever, comics, or Game of Thrones. Gregor might very well be stretching the truth a little about being a dire werewolf, and who’s going to contradict him? He’s very tall in hybrid form and dire werewolf sounds cooler.

If in fact there are were forms of extinct animals, that would suggest that lycantrhopy dates back to the time in which those animals were still around. How else would those species and humans intersect? I guess besides “magic” which is presumably involved anyway, but still probably easier with living animals.

To Sydney’s point in the final panel, I do think shows would be more entertaining if there was one at least ambiguously supernatural episode now and again, if not outrightly stated. Breaking Bad with a “bath salts” zombie? Or a CSI-Tripoli with a griffin attack, an episode of Friends where Joey dates a Lamia, or an episode of Bones that crosses over with Sleepy Hollow? Oh wait they really did that one. Ok, some shows would be ruined by that kind of thing, but some should would definitely be better.

The vote incentive is stale, I know and I apologize. I’m still a little behind from vacation, but I’m going to try and get it updated today, in fact I may stream finishing up the colors on it. If I do I’ll update the post here and also tweet about it. I may have to do a stick figure theater or something for an upcoming month because I haven’t gotten any work done on getting the book together in a while now. Even if the book was ready to go, I don’t really have time to run a kickstarter, so I don’t know what I’m going to do about that. The odd comic with the characters talking in front of a static shot of a curtain might help actually. Actually I may experiment with some new ways to color. I was watching Fred Perry’s (NSFW) Picarto stream and he can color a whole page in like 3 hours. I doubt I’ll ever be that fast, but if I could color a whole page with backgrounds and orbs and all that in 9, it’d still be less time than it takes me now.

Stream’s done. Oh, and I guess I should say, the vote incentive is finally updated. I’ll try to not let it languish for that long again.

This page colored by Keith.

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