The paws/pause pun obviously loses a little something in written form, but what can you do? Hopefully everyone got it anyway.

My original vision of this page included the big panel with a bunch of little word bubbles with pointed ears in them aimed at about a third of the silhouettes in the gallery – but the background and the banners and all the silhouettes and vacation sort of added up. I didn’t want to do silhouettes for the people at the table but again I ran out of time. I do like the gallery being cast in shadow though.

You might notice there are a lot more seats in the gallery than there are at the table. (And the gallery runs both sides of the chamber, though you can’t see that here.) I haven’t quite figured out how that works yet. I think the races are organized in to twelve groups of related species, and the groups rotate out which of them gets a seat. Everyone gets a voice though, but for expediency’s sake, the seated representative should be advocating not just for their race, but for everyone in their member group. Organizing the Council was no small task, after all, some of those groups historically don’t get along well. It’s bad form in the Council to refer to humans as a common enemy, but maintaining secrecy involves preventing supernatural wars from spilling out into the streets, and that takes strict internal policing. That’s something that will be touched on briefly before this scene is done.

This page colored by Keith.

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