One thing Sydney has going for her is that she recovers quickly. Which possibly is evidence that her reactions are dramatized in the first place, but if that’s the case, it’s her bit and good luck dissuading her from it.

A lycan turning into their hybrid or animal form is a little more involved that just enfuzzening. There’s a moment of strain, veins popping, like someone’s about to jump, or they’ve had way too much fiber, but then the transformation is very fast after that. Really, it should have probably taken Kat a bit longer since she’s not practiced with it, but I didn’t have room for it on this page and didn’t really want to break the comedic pacing.

Since I’m not sure if I’ll cover it in the comic proper, at least for a while, yes, Kat has hair in her hybrid form, Gregor doesn’t. It’s actually something the lycan can control. Some think it looks goofy, some prefer their tresses. In Kat’s case she hasn’t mastered the idiosyncrasies of the change, so she’s stuck with hair in her hybrid form until she gets better. Those who have been doing it for a while can even control whether or not they have digitigrade legs, tails, or even how animaly their faces become, but that’s only after they spend a few points on their Fleshwalk skill. A high Fleshwalk skill is jokingly referred to as Flashwalk, cause there’s not that much use for it besides stylin’. Really most feel it’s better to spend your points on skills like “Sniff Test” which refines your forensic nose skills, “Advanced Territory Marking” which is best not mentioned in polite company, and “Clothes Horse” which allows you to find shirts that fit your giant horse neck without getting all stretched out.

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