So… yeah, I’m trying something new with Sydney’s hair for a few pages at least. Sydney’s bangs are distinctive as Decollete says, but they create certain art problems, like when I draw Sydney in profile, they mysteriously just out from her face more than they should just so they don’t overlap her eyes. Her bangs are like Lion-o’s hair, which would often stay pointing the same direction even though he’d turn his head. It’s not like I’m reinventing her look either, I mean I had planned on having her wear a French braid at the beginning of the previous day but I discovered very quickly that they’re a lot more work to draw than a ponytail. Full disclosure, I was also watching an anime called K-ON and one of the characters in (Ritsu) wears a headband. I realized her hair looked a lot Sydney’s only with the bangs pinned back, so I thought I’d try it out for a bit.

Succubi can’t feed off each other. Well, they totally can, it’s just not sustainable. It’s like trying to breath back and forth into someone else’s mouth while you’re both underwater. It’s a game of rapidly diminishing returns. It doesn’t mean they don’t like trying, but they probably have some recharge options on speed dial. Succubi hook up text doesn’t read “You up?” it reads “Carb up!”

Max doesn’t want any Succubus zonking her team, but it’s got to seem like a wasted resource from their point of view. Of course not all supers work for Archon, and any Succubi on Earth probably has a few regulars supers for mutually beneficial… you know, exchanges. To them, Supers are like a big meal full of protein and fiber and healthy fats, only they taste like a pie made out of Twix and Nutella. (Or whatever gets your sweet tooth going. Maybe a giant gooey chocolate chip cookie and big cup of milk for dunking.)

kittensUnrelated to the comic, but – I have some kittens than really need a home. If you’re in the DFW area and are interested (or know someone who might be) please check out this post, and/or share on facebook or friendface or at work or whatever. They’re housebroken and very affectionate and need more attention than I can give them.


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