Sydney’s a real social butterfly isn’t she? As I mentioned earlier she’s not going to meet with everyone in the room before we get on with it. In fact these are the last two before we segue into something resembling a plot. :)

Vamp “level” depends more on the frequency and quality of feeding than time served. It could be between 85 and 120 years, and those are at the extremes. I like the White Wolf system of generations, and even started writing something similar on this page, but combining it with the idea that every 100 years of feeding effectively moves a vamp up a generation to the next power level. A vamp could effectively become lower than gen 1 in this method, but of course, the earliest gen vamps would have had that many more centuries to feed so it would be impossible to catch up, unless vamps do that long sleep thing like you see in Underworld or White Wolf. But while I was writing all this I realized it doesn’t quite jive with how vamps work in my world, so I dropped the generation thing. I don’t want to bog the comic down right now with a vampire players handbook right now, so I’ll parcel out relevant information as needed.

Crimson is definitely simplifying it for Sydney’s sake. Very few vampires think of their age in terms of level, but most are quick to tell you how many centuries they’ve been around, especially the older they get. Well, up to a point. The ones that know they’ve got a few centuries on everyone in the room are just as likely to be circumspect. By the way as far as the affairs of the council goes, Ingsol’s 7 centuries is pretty respectable. There are older ones knocking around, but either they’re not as political or as charismatic as him.

I didn’t plan for Sydney to be sitting under the banner with the halo on it, I had just cropped a background from a previous page and it worked out that way. Double halo, man.

Scarlett’s corset was inspired by… well, no I just copied this design since I thought it was pretty cool looking. Actually most of the corsets on that site are pretty cool. I’m glad that guys’ clothes are mostly designed for function and comfort – well, not dress shirts in my experience – but occasionally I do get a little jealous that women have about a million more fashion options than guys. You know when you walk in to a department store and there’s two whole stories of women’s kit, and then one quarter of one floor next to the kitchen gear is all the men’s stuff. And like half of that is shoes and underwear. It’s especially bad when I see stuff like this. I’m not sure if I was a girl if I’d walk around in something like that, but I’m sure it’d be nice to have the option. That is if I was a size two, cause those look really small. BTW I have no affiliation with that site, I was just googling corsets for ideas and stumbled across them, and honestly $30 – $60 bucks seems really cheap for a corset. Not that I’m an expert on corset economics, but I know a girl can easily spend $60 on a bra, so I’d expect a well made corset to clock in at or even start around $200, but who knows. (I’m sure plenty of people know and will share their corset stories in the comments. :)

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