To head off the comments about “but the government has known about supers for a long time,” yes that’s true, but I can only fit so much on one page. :) But think about a world in which there is no Superhero archetype, but there is other super-y stuff. Figuring out that these wildly disparate individuals are part of the same group would be really difficult, especially if you only ever got to study a handful of them in your lifetime.

I imagine Sydney will go through many iterations of her utility belt load out. Luckily she figured out the encumbrance issue early on, but I know if it was me, I’d be apoplectic (/me double checks what apoplectic means… nope, not the right word) I’d have extreme indecisiveness and anxiety (there should be a word which means that) about my gear load out. I probably wouldn’t carry arts and crafts with me, but, hmm, maybe a needle and thread? Well, if I could fix the hem of my cape and also sew shut a knife wound.

I have a hard enough time picking my load out in video games. Though with a game’s finite rule set I usually settle in to a few favorites, but for my utility belt in the real world? I’d want some epipens, even though I’m not allergic to anything, probably some spare batteries (but they’re so heavy) multi-tools, a mirror, video cable adapters… I don’t know why I would need those, I just know if I left them out the world would be at risk! Gah! It would be physically stressful trying to decide what to include.

This page colored by Keith.

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