Actually they’re both wrong, the 4th wall is usually behind and over the shoulder of the last person who spoke, so the camera can catch the reaction glance. Of course the 4th wall is just the camera (at least in TV/movies, not plays obviously) and the camera could be positioned anywhere. Heck, you could have a 4th wall throw to a super powered zoom lens on a satellite if you wanted.

This is an odd page, cause in my head, a 4th wall gag is something that takes a half second of time out of a show, but with Sydney’s mistake and the follow up, it takes up nearly the whole page. If I had more time I probably would have dropped this gag to instead expand on the whole “people basically got supers but some people were like “eh” and some didn’t believe it but in any case they didn’t go bonkers over it” bit which is really the point of this page rather an important point overall to this part of the story. As I was drawing it, I got down to the last panel, which was just supposed to be Maxima doing her own 4th wall bit, but decided I was leaning on that gag a bit hard and bottom 2/3 of the page is really just one joke (though I think Sydney suddenly having anxiety about B.O. because of werewolf noses and who knows what else is amusing) so I broke that panel up and made it so the elf caught her glance, since he’s sitting perpendicular to where Max and Sydney are and… I don’t know if he’s hitting on her or just pre-hitting on her. You know, testing the waters a bit. And Max is like “Is he hitting on me or is that just an Elf thing?”

I’m not sure that all comes across, ideally I would have established on this page that the Elf was sitting across the table from Max and Sydney, but what would have taken up even more of the page for the whole gag.

Anyway, the first panel. Max actually was in track and cross country in high school, but when she came back after that fateful summer vacation and posted 100 meter dash times on par with a crossbow bolt, she hung it up since that would obviously be wildly unfair.

This page colored by Keith.

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