I like the idea that Supers have an inexplicable compulsion to dress in capes and skin tight outfits, as suggested in the top flashback panel – only of course they don’t actually wear that stuff in my world. At least not the “official” ones. There are a few vigilantes out there.

The expression “You can’t put toothpaste back in the tube.” never really worked for me since, well, as Sydney points out, filling them is easy with the right equipment. The expression obviously assumes you don’t in fact have industrial toothpaste gear at your disposal, but I like my alternate expression in the stinger better anyway.

This scene has gone on long enough that people are starting to wonder when something will happen, which is a perennial issue for this comic, as I do enjoy my exposition. I wrote something about it here.  The short version is I’d like to try to reign in the exposition a bit so maybe I’ll try that over the next section of this arc.

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