Whoops, I just noticed Sydney’s choker is missing in panel 4. I’ll get that fixed when I get up.

Finally we get to the point of the meeting. That does seem pretty serious, given their daily existence depends on the veil. Well, they could exist without it, but a lot of them would have to use up a bunch of sick days since many of these guys are productive members of society when they’re not lurking around weird gothic chambers.

Arc-LIGHT is far more similar to the old A.R.C. than Arc-SWAT. The A.R.C. was explicitly clandestine, which is one of the primary reasons they didn’t run around in blue windbreakers with “ARC” in Helvetica Bold on the back. I’ve said it before, but The A.R.C. and now Arc-LIGHT are a lot like the X-Files or Fringe division, but with a healthy portion of the BPRD thrown in, since often some of their agents were super or supernatural. The Council is used to dealing with them, and even has worked directly with them, as stated on page 460. It’s the whole public facing arm of the group that’s got them riled up now.

I’m not sure if the joke in the stinger lands. It’s been quite a while since I’ve played a JRPG. In fact the last one was FFVII. Well, I played about 4 hours of FFX then traded it to a friend for something else. Of the few JRPG’s I’ve ever played, two of them are actually two of my favorite games of all time, Final Fantasy 2 and 3 (4 and 6 in Japan). In FF2 the main characters only ever says “…” I don’t recall FF3 that well, I don’t think there was a main character, but for some time it was a bit of a joke that JRPG leads are all silent protagonists. Maybe that was just an in-joke among my friends.

As I said I’ve felt my faces (skintone in general, really) are a little monochromatic. I may have over corrected a bit on this page. Sydney looks like she’s either a little cold or drunk, but I’ll get it right soon hopefully.

I’ve updated the vote incentive. It’s a photo from the shoot Maxima did, (or will be since magazines have more than a 2 day turnaround) and actually it’s the throw-to joke on an upcoming page but I figured I’d draw it big and get some extra use out of it.

Mikiron, who did this previous NSFW commission for a Patreon, has done another. Also NSFW. I believe he is available for commissions, though I hear he filled up pretty quick after the last time.

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