This is Sydney’s last interruption, promise!

In that first panel Maxima’s totally giving Sydney the “We are here as representatives of blah blah” and “I will turn this car around.” and probably something about a million extra laps. It obviously doesn’t stick, which may be the biggest challenge with training Sydney. Some stuff she takes to right away, and other stuff she slips back into her old habits in the span of a sentence.

A legitimate issue with this scene is Maxima really should have stuck Sydney’s nose in the corner before now. Even if she’s not as on board with the proceedings as she appears to be, having her recruit run her usual agent of chaos act reflects poorly on her. Ingsol may only be indulging her because he believes Archon really can help them, and he also might be a tiny bit afraid of Maxima. A 700 year old vampire is pretty high up the food chain, but not liquefy a tank high. The average vampire is stronger and faster than the average human. A well trained human can probably deal with an untrained average vampire. Give a vamp a few centuries and they’re probably on par with a moderately powerful super, but in cases like that, it really comes down to training and chance and strategy. Mr. Amorphous could probably take a 2-5 century old vamp. A vamp vs. Heatwave could swing wildly in one direction or the other.

Edit: Whoops! I totally forgot Ingsol’s “accent” on this page. I’ve edited it back in, which makes his pronunciation of “Vi’s” problematic, as you can see in non-all caps comic font, it’s Vi, pronounced “Vee” which Ingy should really pronounce “Wee,” and I really wish I’d have remembered that cause it could have made for some amusing confusion on the next page but what can you do?

I found another entertaining webcomic some of you might like. It’s not really a funny one so much, but it got me to read the first chapter at least. It’s a romance comic (between two girls, but it’s not salacious or anything) and it’s got really nice art (and unfortunately an auto playing music track, but it’s low key ambient stuff you can turn off.) It’s called Always Human. So named because it’s set in a future where everyone can look however they want with simple mods, except one of the girls who can’t use them so she’s stuck looking how she looks. I’d say spoiler, but that’s set up on the first page. Here’s a link to their Patreon if you’re so inclined, since it’s kind of hard to find on their comic page.

Has anyone seen Star vs. the Forces of Evil? I haven’t heard anyone talking about it on Twitter and where ever, but it’s quite amusing. It’s like… if Sydney was a 14 year old Disney Princess / Magic Girl, with lots of humor and fighting. Lots of recognizable voice talent too, if that’s your thing. It’s a Disney cartoon so that’s not surprising really. It’s on Hulu and possibly other places. Anyway I recommend it.

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