Wait! Argus could be the Epimeliad’s apple tree! And another intelligence person could be this Disney princess type who can talk to birds and squirrels. But she always sings everything and pulls everyone into her songs and everyone hates her, but she’s so sweet she gives everyone diabetes. And the QM is a… dwarf? Gnome. No, a gremlin! He makes great stuff but it’s all buggy and unpredictable. And the team has a human on it – nobody trusts him but he’s ex-Mossad so he understands persecution, but he’s a stone killer who knows everything about taking down supernatural threats so nobody wants to get in his face.

^^^ Probably all stuff Sydney rambled on about while being relocated. And we have yet another comic I could do one day.

It appears Sydney has finally discovered the threshold. Looking back over this arc, Maxima really should have been more proactive about reining her in.

I’ll admit I borrowed the “When did this happen!?” gag from Slayers. I don’t remember what episode, but Lina’s wannabe protege gets tied up while delivering a rousing monologue about justice or something.

I’m not aware that Epimeliads are green, I just needed the visual continuity between Sydney’s pitch and the one in the mini-comic. BTW, I had never heard of Epimeliads until I saw them in a smutty comic. Some guy wandering through the woods, is confronted by a trio, correctly guesses what kind of forest fey they are, and is rewarded for his efforts, and then the trio is rewarded by his efforts… you know. The point is, sometimes smut is educational.

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