Maybe Sydney is misreading the situation and those guys are the SWAT themed strippers The Council ordered.

That attic mostly contains the cantrip equivalent of artifacts. Frames for paintings that never get dusty, a rain cloak that never gets wet (because water passes straight through it.) A necklace that glows when detect magic is cast on it. That’s it, that’s the only effect it has. Probably an Enchanting 101 project. A map that updates landmarks and mission waypoints as they’re discovered. Actually that’s super useful, but not especially rare, since the protagonist of every video game in the last 20 years has one*.

*Back in my day we had to map out everything manually on graph paper and weeee liked it. Ok, we didn’t especially, but we didn’t know any better. I had a college RA who mapped out – get this – Daggerfall. Elder Scrolls 2. The pre-pre-prequel of Skyrim. He must have just mapped out the towns and major points of interest, because Daggerfall’s world covered over 62,000 square miles. For comparison’s sake, WoW is only 80 square miles (though I suspect that’s just the base game and not any of the expansions.) The fact those pictures don’t actually show map details for Daggerfall makes me think you didn’t hop on a horse and physically travel overland, though I never played it myself. Kind of looks like you walk 50 feet from a dungeon or town and a fast travel world map shows up.

The point is most games didn’t include an auto map feature back in the day, so the parchment equivalent of a GPS isn’t exciting enough for Ingsol to lock away in a secure vault.

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