It makes sense that if you’re going to send someone or something into a room of largely magic creatures and get all hostile, you’re going to have some protection against magic. Then again it’s probably fair to assume that a bunch of automata might just be disposable.

I haven’t really talked about the rules of enchanting in the Grrl verse, but there is some common sense to it. In most cases, complexity and power adds to the resources needed for the enchantment. Difficulty, time, power, crafting supplies, etc. There are also ways to cheat that equation a bit as well. Higher quality crafting supplies can either cut down on the time needed or can increase the quality of the enchantment, as can borrowing power from a potent source, for instance draining it from another artifact.

If they learn nothing else from this fight, the power of these attack mannequins (Attannequins? Mannattacks?) might tell them something about who sent them.

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