I’m not sure that digitigrade legs would be especially effective for kicking. Well, maybe they’d be better at thrusting kicks like in the first panel, but I think you’d lose some power with axe kicks and roundhouses. Anything that involved leading with the heel, since it’s further up the leg, you’d lose some angular momentum. I’m not sure Muay Thai would suffer too much from that, as I think it largely focuses on… side kicks? Whatever Kat is doing in panel 4, I don’t know the name of the kick. That and knee work, and maybe some punches and elbow strikes, and less on backwards spinning kicks. I only say that because Sagat, Adon and Kim Kaphwan didn’t really feature roundhouse kicks in their move sets. Yes, fighting games are where most of my Muay Thai knowledge comes from. That an select B-list action movies from the 80’s.

Hmm, ok maybe Kim uses a lot of axe kicks. Though I will say that doesn’t really resemble Muay Thai anymore. (And of course the chick has a move where she sits on your face.) Also, there are apparently 14 King of Fighters games, but only 5 Bloody Roar games?

Holy crap there were 5 Bloody Roar games?

The Twilight Council doesn’t have a dress code per se, but wearing short jean shorts seems a little casual. Kat didn’t know she was coming to the meeting tonight though. She’s only been a lycan for a few weeks now, and Gregor thought it was time to introduce her around.

Oh geeze I just realized I forgot her tail, which is a shame since a cute lil’ poofy one poking out of her shorts would have been cute.

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