Don’t fret too much about Kat, the Mannekillers are severely outnumbered at this point. Actually I don’t know what Dabbler is doing right now, I guess she’s sparring with the big one with the helmet, just behind what we can see in the last panel there, cause that’s easier to draw. Trust me though, it’s a spectacular battle probably.

These things came remarkably well equipped considering what would have happened if they’d been able to unload their weapons in there. Even just the first grenade would have sewn enormous chaos, but of course, we don’t know what the goal of this attack is yet.

Oh  and by popular demand, I added Kat’s tail to the last page… dang it, I just realized you can’t see it on this page now. Well, her shirt was flying up on the last page and now it’s tucked back in. Bleh, well that’s an easy fix. Anyway, jackrabbit’s don’t have poofy cotton tails so much as flicky deer looking tails, and also I decided Kat hasn’t had the time to hem tailholes into all her pants yet, so it’s just poking out all awkwardly.

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