Well normally comics posted on major holidays have a slow start, but you guys seem to like Clover. She’ll be in a few more pages during this arc, but since I have that disease where I can’t help but introduce characters like a crazy person (can you spot the two new ones on this page?) it dilutes the amount of screen time tertiary characters get.

Speaking of new characters, I won’t go into a lot of detail about them yet. I’ll let you speculate for now. I’ll just say that the gal attached to the book – I got the idea for her when I mis-read the introduction of another character (actually from Wearing the Cape book 5: Ronin Games) So, that ADHD thing when you’re trying to read and your eyes are darting around on the page is good for something I guess.

Wearing the Cape 6Be sure to check out Wearing the Cape: Team-Ups & Crossovers. Sydney’s first Crossover! I’ve made a dedicated blog post for the book, please comment there. If you got it already, there’s an updated Kindle version that fixes some weird text formatting stuff in Sydney’s chapter that was showing up on some readers, plus a minor edit for clarification. Also, the paperback is available now as well, at the same link as above.

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