Fun story, when I designed Clover (as in Clover honey… honey badger, clover honey badger, hah hah I’m clever you guys.) I made her haircut look like badger stripes, coming down over her eyes. Only, that’s the way a regular badger looks (one might say, a vanilla badger), not a honey badger. Womp waa. I guess if she wore her hair like a honey badger it’d be a bottle bleached crew cut. But then she’d almost definitely have to be a high school girls’ volleyball coach or a ladies tennis pro. Hah hah! Stereotypes, y’all!

Clover being a honey badger isn’t a result of the previously mentioned genus drift that sometimes affects weres, instead more simply, her mom is a honey badger as well. Usually the offspring of a mixed species union is one or the other, but occasionally bizarre hybrids have been known to happen. So someone could conceivably be a were-jackalope for instance, but it’s pretty rare.

Lycans have enhanced attributes based on their animal form. Most in the Carnivora Order, and especially those in the Canidae Family and the Canis Genus have a considerably enhanced sense of smell, as well as better night vision, though most suffer from reduced color sensitivity, i.e. they can’t tell red from yellow. This is hugely pronounced in their hybrid forms, but still present in their human forms to some degree. Various species have other abilities based on their particular species. Kat’s hearing is off the charts, and Clover has tremendous resistance to toxins and disturbing pain tolerance.

BTW honey badger ears are weird. Not “the male seahorse gives birth” weird, just, they’re not sticky out ears like most animals have. They’re even less sticky out than human ears.

Happy Thanksgiving to American readers, who will be largely be doing thing other than their usual routines today so comments might be a little slow, at least until everyone decides they need a break from their families and sneak away to the get 10 minutes of screen time.

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