I’m really bad about featuring new characters on a page without naming them. It’s on the next page so I’ll just tell you her name is Krona. That way you guys don’t have to refer to her as “hacking girl” in the comments.

I’m also really bad about controlling the firehose of new characters, but Krona is… I’m not going to say she’s the last one for a while, but it’s winding down. At least everyone seemed to like Clover and Ellie. :D

So yeah, Krona’s power is reality hacking, which, as suggested in the page title is really just another kind of magic. Instead of pentagrams though, her sigil happens to looks more like a soundboard. And instead of having to memorize complex spells before hand, she can just pull it up and start fiddling with the wires. Kind of like remapping a shader flowchart. This makes it significantly easier for her than most mages to alter things that already exist – unlock doors, change the color of a car, etc – but significantly harder for her to create things out of nothing, like fireballs. Still, she has some macros set up to do more complicated tasks, so it’s not like she can’t create things out of thin air, but outside of those shortcuts it takes her a while to do it.

Also, she’s not actually a mage. She’s also not a super, as you can tell from her physique. Actually no one knows how she does what she does, and she’s the only one who can do it to anyone’s knowledge, which is why she’s sitting all my her lonesome behind her banner.

Do grenade launcher rounds have a manual operation mode you may be asking yourself? These ones do, so don’t worry about it. :)

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