So I actually had to ask around on twitter if it’s possible to wear a thong without having a wedgie. I mean, aren’t thongs worn “up in there?” Well, apparently they’re not supposed to be? (At least to the one source who responded to such a weird question.) Which is contrary to literally every picture and video I’ve seen them in. I’m told that’s the “just for show” position, and normally they are crack-extraterritorial as opposed to substrata. It seems to me to keep them entirely external you’d have to run around with your butt clenched up all day, but women do all kinds of uncomfortable stuff for fashion and beauty so what do I know? (Yes, I know men can wear thongs too, but let’s be realistic, men don’t really have to worry about hiding their panty line, so this is largely a lady thing. Please feel free to discuss thong etiquette in the comments. I’m curious if Krona’s prank is redundant or not.

One last reminder about the Amazon referral link. I won’t be a pest about it, and a lot of you guys are already using it, which I super appreciate. But if you’re a last minute shopper like me, then… hey, there’s a link for you! And if you think Amazon is a megacorp that will eventually essentially (essentually!) be the equivalent of Weyland Yutani in 100 years (or 10), then you are not alone – BUT! Shopping through that link will funnel between 5.5 to 7% of their profits to me. So you can stick it to the man while supporting you favorite comic. Or one of your favorite… top 10 anyway, I’m guessing.

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