Well, I almost forgot to post this page since holiday travel has me all turned around, but here it is. Obviously Ravven should have a Who’s Who entry but I’m not in front of my regular machine, so I’ll get that up when I get back home.

Sydney has a talent for asking people just the right thing to move the conversation right direction. She didn’t ask Krona what her name meant (it’s the feminine of Kronos, BTW. Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I don’t know if there really is a feminine version of Kronos, maybe it’s Kronosia, or Kronisia. I just made up Krona, but that’s the answer Sydney would have gotten had she asked her.)

Sydney only asked Gunnhildr what her name meant cause it’s a cool name with a cool meaning. It’s like a kind of precognition called “being the agent of the author.”

That name and the way she dresses (and the fact that she carries a sword around) should give you an idea of Gunn’s origin, though dressing in a manner which connects a vampire to their place of origin is an affectation some of them take on in certain social situations, usually when doing so shows of how old they are. Most of the time though, they dress in modern comfortable clothes. Well, modern clothes, maybe not entirely comfortable, as they also tend to dress somewhat eccentrically and certainly fancier than the average couch potato. Some vampires might have started off as peasants, but it’s tough to live several hundred years and not amass some small savings, so they’re not going to show up to a vampire munch wearing their original potato sack.

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