I went into this page thinking one big panel would take slightly less time to draw seeing as the holidays are coming up and it would be great to get a little ahead (or less behind) so I don’t have to spend most of Xmas day drawing. It, in fact took slightly less time. Slightly. :/ Still, I normally totally over do the panel count, so mixing it up a little every now and then can’t hurt anything. Actually, laying out all the dialog so that it flowed sensibly was a challenge. Let me know if anyone has trouble following it, but it all reads across then down. Gunnhildr’s underwear comment is an orphan bit of dialog so it doesn’t matter when it gets read.

I don’t think the fact that humans don’t naturally have blue, green, purple or pink hair is any excuse not to have words to describe someone with that hair color. Also, I am vociferously for the brown and black hair having separate words. Chestnut curls and black Wonder Woman hair are not the same thing. It’s understandable if someone has some dark ass dark brown hair, but there’s a whole range between that and blonde.

I feel like I should point out that usually after combat, Arc-SWAT doesn’t usually start milling about and hobnobbing, they’re supposed to immediately snap into processing mode, but the Council’s people are examining what’s left of the mannekillers (you’re supposed to be helping Ellie!) so there are a few moments to spare to complain about having mud in places mud is never supposed to get.

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