When I first wrote this page, I lowballed Harem’s age at 27, which is closer to her age plus just her first dupe. I was surprised when I added them all up, so I went back and changed her original “a few months” to “a few years.”

This might be a slight reversal to thoughts I had expressed earlier, in that Harem used to have to get on a plane like everyone else to traverse the country. Once she’s there, she can use that body as an anchor to teleport her other dupes between them, effectively extending her range infinitely, at least as far as she knows.

For narrative reasons, I decided I needed her to be able to get places quickly so I didn’t have to hold a story up for 3 hours while people transported themselves around. I realized it would be a recurring problem since Sydney and Max can traverse the country in very short order, so I’d be stuck with whoever I’d already established was there or ferried along in Sydney’s bubble bus. So now Harem can at least make her way up each coast, and to cities around the great lakes with only a few hops. The center of the country is still largely inaccessible to her, at least without more conventional transportation.

I’ve always said Harem has a lot of life experiences and skills from jobs she’s held. I probably have to expand my mental list because she’s been around for like twice as long as I had though. Sure, some people make it to 50 without developing any significant skills, or they become quite good at one or two things, but Harem spends a year or two at a job then switches with the intention of building a raft of skills. More than a raft actually. A uh, cutter? A corsair of skills? I don’t know ship sizes.

Also I should say Harem didn’t spend a lot of time working at Starbucks or Wal-Mart (she did some of that for the experience of it) but mostly she’d get jobs working at a locksmith or an auto repair shop or a place making confectionery or a kitchen. Trade skills, Dirty Jobs stuff. Harem can make a meringue, crack a safe, rebuild your transmission, deliver a calf, then build a dresser. Actually, she can do it all at once.

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