I did way too much research to try and figure out how to write Sydney’s squee word bubble. Ok, not “too much” but given how little I know about how to write music, it took longer than it should have. As it is I doubt I put enough of those horizontal bar things to make the note actually ultrasonic. I just stopped when I ran out of room, so hopefully it doesn’t bug the people who can actually read music too much. Ideally it’d be a very very high “e” if I knew what I was doing. I was shooting for 57va, also apparently known as cinquantisettesimo.

Pixel happens to be a gigantic were-jaguar, a fact that will surely come up on the next page, so I’m not sure what else to day about it here. This is something that is fairly incidental to her job as one of Arc-LIGHT’s artifact experts. It doesn’t hurt, obviously, than she can defend herself when the artifact she’s studying decides to summon a gaggle of zombie vikings or whatever the day to day of her job entails. Zombie vikings are definitely on the table though.

Oh, I don’t know what her collar is made out of (that bell doesn’t have a ringer in it in case you were wondering. That would drive her and everyone around her mad.) but it’s probably got a slat in the back that lets in expand. It’s probably a fair bet she’s not wearing a bra though, cause it would have to literally be magic to accommodate that change in volume. Of course, if magic was real and there were people living in the world who could radically change their size or dimensions at will, it’s kind of unrealistic to think there wouldn’t be magic clothes out there.

Edit: BTW, Pixel being a were-cat has nothing to do with Heinlein’s story, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, which involves a cat named Pixel.  I was totally unaware of it until this post on the previous page.  Weird.

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