Guys. The hoops I had to jump through so Sydney could drop some hot Arnold quotes… It’s literally the only reason they’re at a Mars chocolate warehouse. Pretty sure I deserve an Eisner or the key to a city or something. By the way, Hot Arnold sounds like a disgusting sex move, probably involving Icy Hot sports rub in place of lube.

Say what you will about Sydney, but she recovers quickly from surprise, shock, sqee’s, glomp… glomp is an emotion, right?

You do have to suspend disbelief a little to accept that Harem would mistake Pixel for a puma (slash cougar slash mountain lion). They don’t have spots. It’s especially weird considering she grew up on a farm. Not that that would necessarily confer knowledge about great cats, but you’d expect her to have slightly better animal literacy. We can just chock it up to a brain fart. I just really needed someone to say “puma” to set Sydney up, and Krona already knew Pixel was a were-jaguar. Sydney mistaking her for a leopard is more forgivable. Leopard spots look closer to jaguar rosettes that any other cat, especially from the front, where they’re basically just spots.

I know it’s tiny on the page, but Sydney is looking up “cat spots” on her wrist thing in the second to last panel.

Rereading the page now, I should probably change Harem’s last word bubble to read “My second guess would have been panther.” She’s obviously making a Pink Panther joke, but since she already said Puma, it’s a little confusing.

Of course, jaguars are panthers. Specifically black jaguars. Actually, according to wikipedia, nearly any large cat except a lion or a tiger can be called a jaguar. I was surprised to learn (actually only a few years ago) that there’s no discrete species of cat called a panther. It’s just a thing people call other kinds of large cats. I don’t know why. Panther only sounds marginally cooler than Puma or Cougar, and slightly less cool than Jaguar. These rankings are objectively true based on my opinion.

None of this answers how becoming a giant pink hybrid form jaguar aids in stealthily reconning the place.

Edit: It seems quite a few people aren’t as familiar with some of Arnold’s catalog as I had taken for granted, so here are references. As to why any single line from a movie becomes a meme, that’s simply up to the fickle will of the masses. It’s not a tumah! and Get your ass to mars. (which gets looped in the movie after the console gets smashed)

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