Obviously trying to attract the attention of your teammate might also attract the attention of anything else that can hear, but as Holo-Halo, Sydney is… well, I would say especially brash, but that’s a minor distinction in her case. Less risk averse I guess.

The funny thing is, projected Sydney can’t touch anything, but Sydney still can.  Actual Sydney took her medkit out of the utility pouch and set it on the ground, so the projected one did as well, since as far as she knows all the projection can do is mirror her exactly. I guess the projection can make little child projections like the medkit. That’s probably pretty limited though, otherwise it’d be hugely exploitable. I mean from a writing standpoint, not as a design feature of the orbs.

It’s also fair to say Pixel doesn’t skip squat day. I’m not so great at drawing butts – not that I have anything against them. I mean, a nice ass is a nice ass, but easily 95% of the stuff I draw in the comic is from the front, and usually above the waist. Obviously I could pull the camera out a bit and have people standing in circles so there’s always the one person closest to the camera presenting posterior like a baboon… you’ve all seen manga like that don’t even lie. But you know when you come across an artists gallery on your site of choice and you can instantly tell “yeah, this guy is super into butts.” If I’m into anything, it’s lady abs, and if I wasn’t trying to tell a story and develop characters here, I imagine Dabbler and Max and Anvil and everyone besides Sydney would be standing around in sports bras and leaning slightly back all the time.

I finally updated the vote incentive! Thank you guys for your patience, I know the old one was a bit stale at this point. Speaking of which, the pencils are posted at DeviantArt, and it will be colored at some point. I already have it flatted, I just need to find the time to do a shading pass, but before that happens, I’d like to try to get some nudie stuff done for a mid-month Valentine’s Day piece.

Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. $1 and up, but feel free to contribute as much as you like :)